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Be confident that the ground on your site has the strength and load-bearing capacity for your structure with soil stabilisation.

Soil stabilisation is a cost-effective way to prepare the existing soil on your site to take the load it needs to carry. Not only does this reduce the need to import large amounts of aggregate and other materials, but it reduces the expense of both removing unwanted soil off-site and landfill tax.

At Earth-Tech Solutions, we specialise in using a variety of soil stabilisation methods using the latest and most efficient cutting-edge technology. Working on construction projects throughout the UK, we can design a complete solution or work to an existing specification to ensure the ground under your structure is not just stable, but solid.


Our specialists ensure your site is compliant with engineering standards, and help to reduce the likelihood of expensive remedial works to be carried out in the future.


The benefits of soil stabilisation:

  • Cost effective compared to traditional methods
  • Makes wet or unsuitable ground good – and makes good ground better
  • Improves the engineering properties/strength of soil
  • Lower quantities of imported aggregate
  • Reduce the volume of material moved off site
  • Less vehicle movements
  • Reduce expense of landfill tax
  • Lower environmental impact

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Soil stabilisation methods

There are many different methods of soil stabilisation, including lime stabilisation, cement stabilisation and soil solidification.

The quality of the existing soil and the nature of the construction project has a big impact on the method of soil stabilisation used. So our specialists evaluate your site to use the method or combination of methods best suited to your project and your budget.


Piling Mat Installation

In many cases, installing a piling mat is an effective way to provide a solid footing for machinery.

Using our expertise in soil stabilisation, we can design and install a piling mat for a more cost effective way to provide a solid footing for machinery on-site.


This increases the overall stability of the machinery, improves site safety and increases the load-bearing capacity of the ground.


Speak to a specialist on 01142 055611 to make sure your building is solid under-foot.