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Earth-Tech Solutions specialise in site clearance, where trees & scrub, hedgerows, shrubs, fence lines and roots need to be cleared to allow new sites to be developed.

Earth-Tech Solutions can undertake this on any scale using various types of machinery and methods dependant upon the specific requirements of the client. Below is a description of a number of the services which we provide:


Site Clearance Mulchers


Mulches come in various sizes from bob-cat to tractor mounted to big tracked self propelled machines. A mulcher uses a solid steel high speed rotating drum with teeth to shred all types of material (i.e. trees, hedges, tree stumps). This machine can cope with a high degree of contamination such as bricks and stones and is unrivalled by any other method for processing speed, versatility and manoeuvrability.


Mulches are highly mobile, travelling through the working area, they can process material insitu or in a pre-determined areas. They need no haul roads or hard standings to operate.

The processed material is mixed with the top layer of soil and can be left to decompose in the soil, reducing the need to remove from site with land fill being very expensive and only getting worse; this method is a very cost effective option.


Site Clearance Chippers


Earth-Tech Solutions use various sizes of chippers from small track chippers which are compact and fairly light, they are very manoeuvrable on small tight sites and hard to access areas. They cause little damage if any to surfaces as they use rubber tracks. These machines can process up to 8”/9” diameter – ideal for small trees and shrubs, or pruning and trimming existing trees and hedgerows.


Earth-Tech Solutions also use big tractor mounted and self propelled chippers, these are more suited to larger site clearance operations, they are fed by using a mini digger, or come as a self contained unit with a crane attached. These machines can process/chip any tree, branch or clean timber up to 18” diameter. This method also allows the client the option of processed material being taken off site. Or the more cost effective methods of processed materials being blown onto the ground to be incorporated into the top layer of soil to decompose.



Speak to a site clearance specialist on 01142 055611 or ask us a question on our

Site Clearance Specialists

Earth-Tech Solutions provides highly skilled, fully trained and certificated chainsaw operators who are capable of controlled dismantling of larger trees (using climbers and ground crew). Pruning trees to make safe or promote growth and to tidy existing hedgerows up.


All staff are fully qualified and certificated to the highest standard to provide a safe and professional working environment at all times – certification includes CSCS, PTS (Railway Working), COSS and ES (Engineering Supervisor).


If you require any of the above site clearance services please email: info@earth-techsolutions.co.uk or call 01142 055611 for more information.