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Do you want confidence in your planning application? Earth-Tech Solutions can meet your specific requirements with a Phase 1 Desk Study.

Designed to build a conceptual model of your site, a phase 1 desk study builds a profile of the specific ground conditions present on and around your site without the requirement for an initial intrusive investigation.

The report forms an essential part of any development, identifying potential hazards within the ground which could impact on the overall development.


A Phase 1 Desk Study includes:

  • A site walkover survey to assess the current condition of the site
  • A review of historical OS maps dating back to the mid-1800
  • Identification of known pollution incidents, landfill sites and discharge consents using available information
  • A full review of the environmental profile including geology, hydrogeology and hydrology
  • Development of a conceptual site model and qualitative risk assessment
  • Provision of a report ready for submission to the local planning authority

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